26 October 2008


Thank goodness for quiet shifts. I started this yesterday morning at Lady K's swim lessons and finished it last night on shift. I highly enjoyed myself all the while reading this. The book began in a way that had me rolling my eyes, since I thought it was going to be just like another series I've read in the past. Girl dies, comes back with the ability to see dead people.....but it is definitely more. It's witty, funny, good characters, has some good scare in it, too.
Nicki Styx has the feeling of a gut ache and thinks she's watching a medical show. What she's really watching is her body on the gurney being worked over to revive from what appears to be a heart attack. She just thought it was something she ate. She begins to walk into the Light, but is told that it's not her time. And so begins her life as someone who can see and talk to ghosts. Those who have unfinished business and it seems to be her job to help them resolve it and move on.
I really hope there's going to be more to this than one book. Please let this be a series!
Four spooky beans!!

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