07 October 2008


This was a cute cozy read, may look for more of the series. The main focus point of the series appears to be a guardian angel, Augusta Goodnight. I think the idea is for her to go from troubled soul to troubled soul and takes care of them until they are no longer troubled.
This troubled soul in the first book is Mary George Murphy who is home to take care of the effects of her Aunt Caroline. Mary George thinks Aunt Caroline was pushed to her death rather than fell to it, but why and by whom? This is where Augusta comes in. She is a guardian angel and last was helpful during WWII. She has some enthusiastic catching up to do as well as help Mary George.
A little bit of murder, mystery, and some kissin'. All's well at the end as a good cozy should do.
Three gentle beans.

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Anonymous said...

Hi VIckie,

I noticed your review of ANGEL AT TROUBLESOME CREEK today. I just picked up a copy of ROMANTIC TIMES and saw an ad about a contest to win an artist's rendering of Augusta's necklace to celebrate the release of the 7th book in the series in November. The necklace is BEAUTIFUL and it's just like I imagined it from reading ALL of the seven books. I love them all!
Follow the link to Miss Ballard's website for a look at the necklace:

I thought your other readers might like to know.


CMF (Cozy Mystery Fan)