03 October 2008

BONES TO ASHES - Kathy Reichs, narr Barbara Rosenblatt

I have read or listened to all of Kathy Reichs' books and have both enjoyed and been dismayed alternately. The early ones were heavy on getting into 'the weeds' of forensic medicine, more than I cared to know. I was more interested in the story. Then she eased up on the details and the story became more important and I was happy. Now it seems that coincidence plays a huge part in the storyline and I am becoming a wee bit dismayed again. Temperance Brennan has these HUGE leaps of brain synapse and things just fall together a little too neatly.
This storyline begins in Tempe's childhood and her friendship with a Canadian French girl and her little sister. They meet up each summer and one summer the two girls just disappear (mysteriously of course). Fast forward to current times and a set of cold cases falls to Temperance and her used to be beau, Ryan (the cop) dealing with missing or dead young girls. Memories of her childhood friend drive Tempe to try to solve the case.
I continued to listen to the book mostly because of Barbara Rosenblatt. She has yet to read a bad story to me. I do like Kathy Reichs' books for the most part and will continue to listen to or read them. I may be getting biased because of my admiration of the television show loosely based on the series of books. I find myself liking the show more than the books.
Three beans.

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