08 August 2008

MIDNIGHT ALLEY: Morganville Vampires, Book 3 - Rachel Caine

I tell ya, this series just keeps getting better! They are exhausting reads since everything and anything keeps happening to these four in the Glass House in short amounts of time. And they are scrappy! They get back up and face the big bad.

Morganville is a town run by and for vampires. It also a college town...hey a vamp's gotta eat, yeah?

Claire is the main character. She's learned a lot for a new in town 16 year old college freshman. She knows to stay away from the mayor's daughter, Monica, a mean biotch (and that's being nice), who would as soon push Claire down a flight of stairs as look at her. There's Jason, brother of Claire's best friend Eve. He is a puh-sycho of the most evil kind and after Claire. Then there are the vamps. Even the nice ones have agendas and Claire plays a part in most of them. Cannot wait to read #4, FEAST OF FOOLS.
Four enthusiastic beans!


Bobbi said...

Great review! I have these books on my TBR list - I think I need to move them up. Thanks!

Vickie said...

Bobbi: You won't be disappointed! They are really well done.