30 August 2008

R.I.P. III I go again....

Yep, yep, I go again. Not with this particular challenge, never done this one before. No...I am going to try my hand, or eyes or ears as the case may be, to another challenge in general. This one is mellow. The rules are loose as far as listing or not listing the authors or books to be read in the challenge. It runs from 1 Sep to 31 Oct and the genres are already what I read anyway. Genres being mystery, thrillers, paranormal, horror. Yay. And only 1 to 4 books to read in that timeframe. Not like my other challenges I join and overwhelm myself with. So much so that I made up another blog to keep track. I'll post this over there, too.
So anyway, run over to Stainlesssteeldroppings and sign up!

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