04 August 2008

BONE YARD - Michelle Gagnon

BONE YARD is another fab suspense thriller from Michelle Gagnon. It gets the reader going immediately and the twists and turns are definitely unexpected, but not gratuitous as some authors like to throw out.
I was completely absorbed with Michelle's first book, THE TUNNELS, when I read it last year. I was both looking forward to and expecting to be disappointed by the follow up book. I am pleased that it was the former than the latter. The debut book of some authors will leave you breathless, the sophomore effort leaves you tossing cookies (and not in that good way because of great descriptions of the kill scene). BONE YARD was one I really did not want to put down, but had to because those pesky folks in my office expect me to be there on time and the lawn has to be mowed, laundry folded, food cooked, sigh.....
I stayed up as late as possible to finish last night, but had to put it down until this morning, so woke to the rather gravelly satisfying ending.
FBI Agent Kelly Jones is about to go on vacation when a hiker on the Appalachian Trail discovers human bones. Agent Jones is assigned to assist the local authorities and becomes enmeshed in a boneyard discovery, animosity from some of the local police and what looks to be more than just this murder.
Five beans!


Joy said...

Oh yea! I literally just read a mini-review of The Tunnels and the blogger really liked it and looks forward to the sequel. And now, here you are with a review for the sequel! I'm so glad you liked this one, too. The first is on my TBR list.

Vickie said...

Joy: THE TUNNELS is super and I was so happy that BONE YARD was just as good. I think you will like Michelle's work.

Bobbi said...

I've not read any Michelle Gagnon - but this one sounds interesting! Thanks!

Vickie said...

Bobbi: I hope you do try her and like her. She's a nice person, too, as well as a talented author.