07 August 2008

QUESTIONABLE REMAINS: A Lindsay Chamberlain Forensic Mystery - Beverly Connor

I finished QUESTIONABLE REMAINS this afternoon when I woke from my pre-mid shift nap. It might have taken me a little longer, but I sort of skimmed the flashbacks to the time when the conquistadors were bringing disease and murder to the Native Americans along the Southeast. That part of the story was sort of extraneous to me even though I am sure it was to parallel the current time story going on.
Dr Lindsay Chamberlain is going on vacation in Tennessee after testifying in a murder trial and the fallout is becoming to be a bit much. Lindsay's idea of vacation is to visit and help at various students' and co-workers' archeological digs. Along the way she has agreed to help a family find out what happened to a brother whose body has been found in a cave. There are some questions that need answering for their closure.
The back story of the conquistadors and Native Americans follows along with the sites Lindsay is visiting, but it took me away from the mystery that was going along.
Three beans.

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