11 August 2008

GHOST OF A CHANCE - Kate Marsh, aka Katie MacAlister

Fun choice to read just now. It's a first in a series, but Kate hasn't written them as yet, I guess. I do hope she does so soon, though. It was an entertaining read with a cool view into the lives of poltergeists and other paranormal ghostly entities.
Karma is an 'exterminator'. If your house is haunted, she will get rid of the haunters. She has a good heart, though, and generally takes in the entities she 'cleans'. Her house is chock full of Roman goddesses, polters, imps, cleaning entity called a domovoi, and so on and so forth. Her husband,Spider, is a lying, cheating bastard of a realtor, Karma's father shows her photo proof of just how much of a cheater Spider is and Karma finally agrees to demand a divorce. Spider will agree if she does one last cleansing.
Off to the house she goes and, of course, everything is not what it seems. She meets the man of the house, Adam, who knows nothing of the cleansing let alone the sale of his house.
Spider ends up dead in the basement....the mystery continues. Suspects aplenty and it's a fun, slightly dark story to read. I loved it.
Four beans!


Unknown said...

I love these ghosty kinds of books! I'll have to check it out - thanks!

Vickie said...

Bobbi: It's a good one. I love Katie MacAlister, so was happy to see it on the shelf.