19 August 2008

GREYWALKER - Kat Richardson

DUDES!! I keep hearing so much about Stephanie Meyer's series. Everyone is reading and anxiously waiting for each installment. I read the first one (you know its title, I don't have to post it here). I liked it fine for the mellow vampire loves a high school girl story it was.
But why more people aren't going on and on and waiting just as anxiously, if not more so, for Kat Richardson's GREYWALKER series, having honkin' cool midnight release parties in front of the bookshops with Greywalkers, vampires, necromancers....and all that hellah cool schtuff, is beyond my comprehension.
GREYWALKER starts with a headbang and almost squished cranium in the elevator and it never lets up.
Harper Blaine is my kind of main character. She's a PI, strong, smart, fast on her feet. All of this stands her in good stead once she dies for two minutes, just long enough to become a Greywalker. Greywalkers, she learns, can walk in the real world as well as the other world of the ghosts and all things that we know haunt the closets and under the beds. Harper resists this 'gift' of walking among the undead, but people she meets along the way make her realize she doesn't have much choice.
Along the way, she meets a witch, a fascinating jack of all trades, a newly turned vampire, many oldly turned vampires, a necromancer, a freaky pipe organ....
This is such a good book on so many levels! I was graciously loaned the first two of the series by my bookbud, Jenna. They are from her keeper shelf. I am going out to get my own copies for my keeper shelf. I don't do this for many books or authors.
Five spooky beans!!!


Becky LeJeune said...

Yay! I met her at Left Coast Crime and grabbed a copy of her first for both me and my sisters. Course mine got stuck in the pile of purchased books that has to wait behind review books, but one of these days!

Vickie said...

Becky: Oh chickie, you will love this one! I would love to meet her, you're so lucky!