10 August 2008

Our Funky Garden...and What It Gives Us....

Above is the crazy part of the garden. We planted the corn, but in amongst this 'feral' side not what we now know are the mini white pumpkin vines, tomato plants we did not plant and hybrid looking yellow squash/pumpkin vines.
The sunflower (we did not plant, but makes the birds and squirrels soooooo freakin' happy) is the demarcation point of tame and feral garden. Behind the tractor are the tomato plants we did plant. The yellow cherry tomatoes are yummy and showed first. The red tomatoes are starting to 'red up' finally. I think we will be able to set Lady K up with her first vegetable stand very soon.

Above....the fruits of our labor...or non-labor as the case may be.....We had the corn as our veggie last night with dinner. YUM!


Mary (Bookfan) said...

Ok, let me see if I understood this correctly: you have actual tomato plants in your garden that planted themselves??? I want that!!!

Unknown said...

Great garden photos! I also get volunteer tomato plants and sunflowers every year!

Vickie said...

Mary: We planted six or seven ourselves in the tame side, but the volunteers showed up in the corn we planted. I just love nature. We also have some as yet unidentified vines with yellow flowers. We are keeping our fingers crossed for more rogue pumpkin vines. = )

Bobbi: Thanks! I hope we keep getting the volunteers, especially that hewgah sunflower plant!