24 August 2008

Our Little Entrepreneur Lady K

Lady K had her first day as budding entrepreneur today. Granted 'the day' only lasted an hour, but she made $4 selling tomatoes and pumpkins from our garden. She handed out cherry tomatoes as 'lures' to get folks interested.
We'll try again later in the week..not much business on a quiet Sunday afternoon. Can't do it tomorrow as I am working a swing shift and the sacred NFL Fantasy Draft is tomorrow evening, so DH will be out of commission.
I'll pick her up early on Wednesday after school and we'll see what we can get.
If you're in the neighborhood, drop on by and buy some yummy organic Colorado grown veggies!


Mary said...

I wish I was in your neighborhood! I would love some home-grown tomatoes. Good luck :~)

____Maggie said...

I'll take two tomatoes and one of those white thingies! :D

Vickie said...

Mary: Wish you lived here, too. The tomatoes are super tasting. It's why we started the garden last year. Thank you for the good luck wishes.

Maggie: I'll just bag those up for you. The white thingies are decorative white pumpkins. They are volunteer vines and producing like crazy. Regular pumpkins, these miniature white pumpkins and miniatures that are a sort of butter yellow. I do like our crazy garden.

Sherri said...

Go Lady K!!!! $4.00 in one hour for veggies is a wonderful beginning! Lady K keep up the good work!

Vickie said...

Sherri: Thank you. She was pretty pleased with herself even if it was a slow afternoon. We'll try again.

Red lady-Bonnie said...

What a great idea! Kids love selling lemonade, tomatoes and pumpkins are so much better!
I'll bet once word gets around to your neighbors she'll be making lots of $$!! Keep us posted!

Vickie said...

Bonnie: I will keep you posted. I do think if we are out there often enough, the word will get around. She likes making money. = )

Red lady-Bonnie said...


I've nominated you for the Supercommentator Award!! Check out my blog!