29 August 2008

THE CHRISTMAS QUILT - Jennifer Chiaverini, narr Christina Moore

Even though I wasn't exactly ready for a holiday themed listen, this was just fine to listen on my commutes. Nice to hear about snow and seeing one's breath and looking for Christmas trees while in 80 and 90 degree August heat.
Really, though, this series continues to warm my heart with each listen. This one takes place early in the series and focuses mostly on Sylvia, the master quilter, and her life as seen in her memories of Christmas past. Sarah, the quilter apprentice who has helped Sylvia keep Elm Creek Manor and turn it into a quilters' retreat, wants to decorate the manor for the holidays. This is the first one for the manor in many years and Sylvia is hesitant. She has been celebrating quietly and is still getting used to being back in Elm Creek after 50 years of self-exile.
Sarah finds the boxes of family decorations in the attic and among the boxes,she finds the Christmas Quilt that Sylvia's Great Aunt Lucinda worked on each Christmas and put away at the end of each holiday season, never finishing the work.
The quilt brings up the memories of Sylvia's childhood, her marriage to James, his death in WWII, and, ultimately, Sylvia's departure from Elm Creek after an argument with her sister, Claudia.
The book is about more than quilting obviously. Mostly it's about family, friends, relationships of all types. The books can be a soothing balm as you read or listen.
Four warm beans....

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