01 August 2008


THE PRESTIGE - Christopher Priest, BOT, SUPER fantasy ghost story, way better than the movie and I liked the movie

THE BODY IN THE BELFRY - Katherine Hall Page, MPB, good cozy mystery

HOOD - Stephen Lawhead, HB, SUPERB interpretation of the Robin Hood tale, cannot wait to read the rest of the series!

THE WINDING WAYS QUILT - Jennifer Chiaverini, BOCD, wonderful series

THE TRAVELER - John Twelve Hawks, MPB, sci-fi, GOOD! Ready for the rest of the series

DANCING WITH WEREWOLVES - Carole Nelson Douglas, MPB, ehhh...apparently I am not appreciative of the complex plotting of the author...simple minds, simple pleasures..that's won't be looking for more

Books: 4
Audio: 2
Total so far for 2008: 79


Unknown said...

Another storming month for you Vickie - but hey I have read 1.5 books this week!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your July book reads!

Vickie said...

Sarah: Yay you on all of the books this week!

Bobbi: Thankin' you. = )