01 August 2008

A Crop We Did Not Plant

See the above decorative white pumpkins? These are growing in our garden! We did not plant decorative white pumpkins in our garden....We did, however, buy some last year for Halloween and fall decorations. When fall was over and it was time for Christmas decorations, we put the pumpkins out in the compost bin. We used the compost this year for the garden and the seeds must have still been viable. We also have yellow squash from last year, but this is not as prevalent as the white pumpkins. All of these vines are also protecting the volunteer tomato plants that popped up. We are going to have a banner tomato crop this year. Lady K is going to have a vegetable stand in front of the house with the extra tomatoes and white pumpkins and whatever else surprises us in our crazy garden.


Bobbi said...

Mini pumpkins are one of those fruits that turns up as volunteers in my garden all the time. We live close to a pumpkin farm, so I don't know if the birds carry the seeds or what, but I haven't sown pumpkin seeds in several years!

Vickie said...

Bobbi: That's so cool that you live near a pumpkin farm. Glad the birds are hookin' you up. = )
Lady K thinks it's magic.