31 July 2008

Meet Rosie, the test run pet Tarantula

So today I'm cleaning house and vacuuming behind the couch in the front room, which is also Lady K's TV watching room. I came up with a blue toy spider that had gone missing some time ago (let's you in on how thoroughly I vacuum, but let's all let that go for now shall we?) Lady K found it when she came home from pre-K and played with it the rest of the afternoon and brought it to the dinner table.....names her Rosie....feeding her pretend 'cwickets'.
So DH comes up with the first pet for Lady K....a tarantula. I am all for it, but it surprised me that DH thought it up. He has a dread fear of spiders, but he likes the idea of this as a first pet. He's not allergic to spiders as he is to virtually all animals, except certain breeds of dogs. Lady K comes up with the idea to have a test run for this future pet. Rosie will now sleep in a box DH found in the garage and the washcloth is subbing for the substrate that tarantulas like to burrow under.
I think we are going shopping for the habitat this weekend.....I see a Chilean Rose Tarantula in our immediate future....

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