30 September 2009

What's In a Name 2 Challenge Complete!

What's In a Name Challenge 2009 is complete as of today.

1. A book with a Profession in the title: GRAVEROBBERS WANTED: NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY - Jeff Strand (Jun 09)
2. A book with a Time of Day in the title: SOMETHING FROM THE NIGHTSIDE - Simon R Green (Apr 09)
3. A book with a Relative in the title: AUNT DIMITY DIGS IN - Nancy Atherton (Sep 09)
4. A book with a Body Part in the title: THROUGH VIOLET EYES - Stephen Woodworth (Sep 09)
5. A book with a Building in the title: THE GHOST AND THE HAUNTED MANSION - Alice Kimberly (Jan 09)
6. A book with a Medical Condition in the title: STAYING DEAD - Laura Anne Gilman (Sep 09)

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