15 September 2009

BBAW Blog Interview Swap Day!!!

I signed up for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week interview swap a little while ago. This is the week for Book Blogger Appreciation and here is my interview swap!
LadyStorm's blog is called Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My!
Here is our question and answer session, which we conducted via email:

Me: How do you pick the books you review?
LadyStorm: Well, when I first got started I was just blogging about books that I would win off of other blog sites. Now I have a few publishing companies that send me books along with a few reviewing sites. They send me a email of what they are offering and I choose which one I think I might like to read and review about. When I first started out I hardly ever received any books now my TBR pile has grown so much I am overloaded with books, but I am not complaining. :0)

Me:Are there books or genres or authors you'd rather not read?
LadyStorm: I don't really have a certain author I won't read, but I will not read erotica, so if they write that then I guess I won't be reading their work. :0)

Me: Do you have favorite TV shows?
LadyStorm: Yes, I am a dedicated NCIS watcher and now they are coming out with NCIS: Los Angeles so I am curious to see if it will be any better. Though I have to admit without Abbie and Agent Gibbs it won't be half as good as the original. :0)
(Me: I concur)

Me: Do you have a laptop or desktop?
LadyStorm: I have a desktop , I just got me a new one at the beginning of the year. It's a HP slimline and I think it's pretty cool. I would like to get myself a laptop or netbook sometime in the future so I can blog on the run. :0)

Me: Have you joined challenges and if so, how many typically do you join?
LadyStorm: I didn't learn about challenges until lately so I haven't really joined any, but it looks like it would be fun.

Me: Do you complete all of your challenges?
LadyStorm: Since I haven't started one I haven't had a chance to finish one.

Me: How do you get your tunes to come up on your blog? Love your tune choice.
LadyStorm: Thanks! I am glad you like them. I am sort of old school in my choice of I went to and searched for what I thought would be cool book music and then got the code for it and put it up on my blog.

Me: How many books are on your TBR stacks? Does the TBR have a name? I call mine Mt Git'r'Read.
LadyStorm: OH, you would have to ask Well if I named it I guess I would call it leaning tower of boxed I would say I have over a hundred books in my TBR pile but that is just a estimate.

Me: Stranded on a desert island, what five things would you take with you? (borrowed this one from Amberkatze)
LadyStorm: Well I would most definitely take the book I am reading right now, FOOLS RUSH IN by Janice Thompson. Its a Christian romance and it is soooooo funny I can't wait to finish it. In hopes that my island has would want my computer. An assortment of flavored waters to drink while I am soaking up the sun. A pile of my TBR books soI could catch on some reading. And I would have to say my cell :0)

Me: How do the authors find you for the interviews?
LadyStorm: Mostly I get author interviews by putting out a call to authors on some of my sites I am on. Most authors like doing giveaways and author interviews because it helps promote their books. Sometimes when I get a book from a publisher they weill have a way to contact the author if I would like an interview with them. I love doing interviews and giveaways as well as my reviews and anyone can get in touch with me by emailing me at ladystorm282001{at}yahoo{dot}com

Thank you for the interview, LadyStorm!!

And you can find my answers to her questions on her blog!


Mary said...

Great interview!

Come visit my blog, you've been Splashed!

Nora St. Laurent said...

Good interview. Good to learn more about your Stormie!!

This is fun checking out everyones interviews. I'm learning so much.

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TexasRed said...

Love this introduction. I'm off to check out your side of the interview!