11 September 2009


Happy Friday!! A busy evening tonight prepping for the party tomorrow. This is our first 'do' in several years and we have some prep. I will mow the lawn, make potato salad, a veggie tray, a fruit tray, apple dump cake (my first), help DH make a McCrapload of hamburgers.....the list do go on.
We are all pretty much looking forward to this 'do', Lady K most of all. She's got the countdown to the 'par-tay' as she has taken to calling it.
Sunday will be the first official Redskin game of the new season, so DH will be in the mancave and Lady K and I will be otherwise occupied, likely out of the house.
Hope you all have a fab weekend! What are your plans?


Sherri said...

Vickie-what a wonderful, wonderful TGIF pic today!! You have made me smile!! Thanks!

Mary said...

Have fun with the par-tay!

Please wish me luck finding a 'mother of the groom' dress. I need it to wear a month from tomorrow and am starting to feel frustrated, nervous and down right edgy about not being able to find one yet.

Positive thoughts, please :D

Imzadi Dragonfly said...

Vickie ~ The Par-Tay sounds wonderful. Could you send me a doggy-bag please?

My weekend will consist of sleeping. When not sleeping I'm hoping for enough energy to get a few cleaning tasks accomplished around the apartment. My poor little neglected apartment.

Mary ~ I'm sending you some positive dress vibes. I hope you find something perfect.

Vickie said...

Sherri: *grin* I love this pic, too.

Mary: Sending the super positive find a mother of the groom dress your way. Congratulations!!!

Jenna: If we can send you a little sump'n sump'n, we will. I can empathize on the sleeping deal. Wish I could get in some extra zzz time.