30 September 2009

AUNT DIMITY DIGS IN - Nancy Atherton

From the back of the book: At home in the ghostly Aunt Dimity's idyllic English cottage, Lori Shepherd is up to her elbows in pureed avocados and formula bottles as she strives to be the perfect mother to her three-month-old twins! Aunt Dimity restores order--and Lori's sanity--by sending the beautiful and mysterious Frencesca Sciaporelli to lend a hand with the boys. the nanny is a treasure, but Lori's newfound freedom proves to be a mixed blessing. No sooner does she step outside the cottage for a breath of diaper-free air than she finds herself smack in the middle of a civil war brewing in the nearby village of Finch.
Who shall occupy the church schoolhouse? Will it be the archaeologist, Adrian Culver, who has come to Finch to dig up the find of his life? Or will the unofficial leader/empress of Finch, Peggy Kitchen, get her way of utilizing the building for her Harvest Festival? It divides the small village since there are some in Finch who think the archaeological dig will put Finch on the tourist map. The rest of the village wants the Harvest Festival to go on as they know they will not hear the end of it from Peggy Kitchen.

I love reading this cozy series. Some are light in tone and there are some that have a dark tinge like AUNT DIMITY BEATS THE DEVIL, which is actually my favorite of the series. It's one that doesn't have Lori having everything go her way and she actually has to fight something bad. Lori only seems to struggle slightly with motherhood before someone steps in to help with her twins and she gets to go galavanting off to solve a mystery. I always feel a twinge of envy when I read those parts. *smile*

Four cozy English beans.....

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