07 September 2009

DIED IN THE WOOL: A Torie O'Shea Mystery - Rett MacPherson

From the back of the book: A Patchwork Murder...When New Kassel, Missouri's infamous old Kendall home goes up for sale, local historical-society presiden Torie O'Shea hopes to turn it into a textile museum honoring the exquisite quilts of Glory Kendall. Adding to Torie's fascination, Kendall House has a dark unsolved mystery. Nearly a century ago, all three grown siblings, including Glory, committed suicide.
Torie digs into the mystery of the family, and soon finds the cold case heating up when her good friend is poisoned while cataloguing Glory's quilts. tori is convinced the house holds the key--especially the blood-spattered mural depicting combat horrors, drawn by the eldest son, a shattered veteran of World War I. Soon a stunning tale of family secrets comes to life, woven into a tapestry of jealousy, madness and coldhearted murder.
A few years ago, I tried a book from this series. And I didn't finish it and for the life of me I can't remember why. I might not have been ready for the writing or the cozy aspect or something. Glad I gave Rett MacPherson and the people of New Kassel Missouri another chance. This is a very well written book, with me trying to make time for it as often as I could. I was rather envious of Torie's smarts and stubborn need to solve the mystery of the suicides of the three siblings in the house in less than a year.
There are the quirky characters that are necessary in all cozies, the town busybody who knows best (Eleanor), town mayor (Colin), town sheriff (Mort), main character who can't help but get involved (Torie).
The mystery is old, but still compelling to the book's characters and to the reader. I wanted to know what happened to Glory Kincaid. Her story was so sad, but she had so much to live for and I wanted to know why she would commit suicide.
A wonderfully written book and I plan to look for more of the series and anything else Rett MacPherson has written.
Five past mystery compelling beans.....


Sherri said...

Vickie, thanks for the review. I've got this book on my list to read. It's always good to know someone liked it before I read it. Take care!

Mary said...

How nice that when you gave it another chance you really enjoyed it! I don't think that happens very often. Yay :D

Vickie said...

Sherri: I hope you enjoy it.

Mary: I know! It rarely does. This one intrigued me with the quilting aspect, so I figured what the heck. I am glad I did.