25 September 2009


Ahhhh....I am working on 24 hours awake as I was on a mid shift last night and wasn't sleepy when I got home. Tired, but not sleepy. I read for a while and got up and went to TJ Maxx to look at Christmas presents for Lady K so that I could get them and get them hidden before she's home from school.
Tomorrow is the hunting trip up to Bailey. It's been snowing in the mountains, so not sure how far we'll get, but DH really wants to get up there and look at the leaves changing colors, look for rocks and driftwood and hopefully elk sign.
Sunday will be quiet day as far as I am concerned.
What are your plans?


Anonymous said...

We're hoping to make a trip to the Cleveland Zoo! Other than that, taking it easy (I hope).

Mary said...

Taking a short run down to Chicago to shop for shoes (wedding, mother of the groom shoes) with my sis. Hope to get back late afternoon in time to relax and eat a big steak!!!

Hope you have a good time on Saturday and can relax on Sunday.

Beautiful photo!

Vickie said...

Kay: Have fun! I loved the Cleveland Zoo when I visited in the 80s. That place is huge!

Mary: I love shopping in Chicago. My sister knows the best shoe places.
Yummy steak!
Thank you for the photo compliment. That was a butterfly I stalked in our back garden. = )