22 September 2009

BLACK JACK POINT: Whit Mosley, 2nd in series - Jeff Abbott, narr L J Ganser

From the back of the book: When A KISS GONE BAD was published, it received rave reviews from major publications including Publishers Weekly and The Midwest Review which called Jeff Abbott "the next John Grisham." BLACK JACK POINT is a riveting continuation of the adventures of Whit Mosley, the laid-back district judge of Port Leo, Texas.
Two of Whit's old friends have been brutally slaughtered at Black Jack Point, stretch of underdeveloped land on the Gulf Coast. But when Whit opens an inquest into their deaths, the evidence points to a plan more wicked than these two murders. Buried treasure and millions in land investment are the prizes and the players won't let anyone stand in their way.
From unpredictable bad guys to the tropical-shirted Judge Mosley, each character vividly stands out against the coastal landscape. Enhanced by L J Ganser's narration, BLACK JACK POINT will keep listeners guessing how Whit will escape the net of violence that is closing around him.
This one wore me out! Action-packed and always having that 'Well HUH...WOW!' factor going throughout the listen. It started with almost sex and digging for treasure and ended with swimming in the Gulf and there was a whole lotta intrigue, murder, bad guys, good guys in between. I like those books. I did figure out some twists early on, so it's a four beaner rating from me. A KISS GONE BAD remains my favorite of the two I've listened to and I will darn well listen to more of the series and maybe not in order since I'm not sure it matters.
Oh and I still have a crush on Gootch.....and L J Ganser rocks!
Four twist figured-outer beans......


Sherri said...

Sounds like a good one! Thanks for the review!

Vickie said...

Sherri: This is a superb series. Jeff Abbott can write a good suspense/thriller.