05 September 2009

BONES OF BETRAYAL - Jefferson Bass, narr Tom Stechschulte

From the back of the book: Founder of the University of Tennessee's Body Farm, Dr Bill Bass is hailed as the father of forensic anthropology. He and acclaimed journalist Jon Jefferson combine their talents to craft BONES OF BETRAYAL, a sizzling entry from their NY Times best-selling Body Farm series.
When the frozen body of Dr Leonard Novak--formerly a lead scientist on the Manhatten Project--is found near Tennessee's Oak Ridge nuclear research facility, Dr Bill Brockton takes up the investigation. It seems Novak died from ingesting highly radioactive material, and nowthe medical examiner has been poisoned by the same substance. As Brockton digs, he connects Novak's death to long-ago events and realizes the answers may ultimately lie in Oak Ridge's shady past.
A thrilling tale of suspense, BONES OF BETRAYAL shows why Kathy Reichs praises Bass and Jefferson's "terrific forensic detail" and calls them "the real deal." Narrator tom Stechschulte, a natural with Southern accents, lends his rich voice to this riveting audiobook.
This is the fourth, and best, of the Body Farm series. The story kept me enthralled, to the point of sitting in the driveway or parking lot to listen to what would happen next so I wouldn't have to wait to find out.
I studied WWII in history class in school, I've seen movies on the Manhattan Project, but I found out even more intriguing facts about Oak Ridge, Tennessee. I'm not sure I knew Oak Ridge was part of the nuclear research or part of the atom bomb. Much has been made of the contributions of Los Alamos, but not as much about other placenames of importance.
The story was told in present day and the past with stories told by one of the characters, a woman Brockton meets at Dr Novak's funeral. I found the stories just as fascinating as the mystery of the death of Novak.
I highly recommend this book, either as handheld or audio, especially if you enjoy forensic mysteries. Really well written forensic mysteries.
Five nuclear beans.....


Becky LeJeune said...

I love the fact that they sort of took this series away from the body farm for a bit. It's still in there, but I think this was a great way to expand the series and keep it fresh and exciting.

Vickie said...

Becky: I concur. I was so pleased with this story! And learning something to boot.