22 October 2007

Two in One Day....

I was correct in my thinking that I was a cat's hair close to finishing Harvest - Tess Gerritsen, BOT. I finished it as I pulled out of my driveway this morning on the way to work. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind yesterday to lay out another BOT at the same time as I was laying out my clothes for work and gym. I had Bubbles In Trouble - Sarah Strohmeyer loaded in the deck faster than you can say....well, fast.Sometimes the quips just don't flow well and it is Monday ya know.
Harvest was a humdinger all the way through as I have come to expect from Tess Gerritsen. I felt so bad for Dr Abby DeMatteo once the crap started hitting the fan. I even felt compassion for her boyfriend for standing by her for the most part. I was completely suckered in for many of the characters and it didn't make me mad at the author for doing so. It was done in a matter of fact, some people just suck kind of way. All of the characters were well written, especially the crap-weasels. The medical terminology didn't bog down the thriller aspect of the story at all. The only reason I wanted to listen faster was to get more of the story in my cranium.

While on the recumbent bike this morning, I finished another super read from Stephanie Bond, Whole Lotta Trouble. That was an intensely fun ride with some good twists and turns. I don't want to describe Stephanie Bond as chick-lit or cozy mystery. Not sure what to call her work, but it is damn good fun. More please.


Anonymous said...

I stopped by yesterday to comment. One of my kids needed something and that was that.

Love - Love - Loved Tess's Harvest. Thought it was her best book.

Vickie said...

J Kaye: I know the feeling.