06 October 2007

More Reading Time, Gotta Like It

Thank goodness for a crazy work schedule. It is now allowing me to finish books in record time. I read and finished Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even - Julie Kenner and immediately started The Tunnels - Michelle Gagnon. I finished that the next night and am now reading Grave Surprise - Charlaine Harris. I should finish that tomorrow and will start one of three or four in my backpack.

I really enjoyed The Tunnels. It was a humdinger thrill ride and I emailed Michelle to that effect. And she emailed a reply!! Love hearing from authors I admire. This is her first novel and I can't wait for more of the series and more of any stand alone she will write.

Good Ghouls' Guide to Getting Even was a fun YA book. I love vampire books, especially the wonderfully written vampire books. I like Julie Kenner when she writes her vampire or other paranormal books. Loved Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom. Couldn't get too fired up about her The Givenchy Code, but will definitely read the rest of the Carpe Demon series and the Good Ghouls' series.

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