29 October 2007

Please, Sir, More Reading Time?

I love my family and love having company. This weekend was one and the same with the 'rents coming to visit for a few days. I took time off, so did DH. We cleaned house together and shared time with my mom and dad. Lady K was 90/10 sweetie-pie to pod child ratio the whole time. We walked and talked and raked leaves and shopped and watched Lady K at swim lessons and at a Halloween par-tay. I think I read for 12 minutes this entire weekend.
I am feeling rather virtuous in how sharing I have been and not getting too showy in my antsy-ness to get my book on.
Will get back to Bubbles In Trouble - Sarah Strohmeyer tomorrow morning on the way back to work. Will get back to purse book Fire Me Up - Katie MacAlister when I go back to work and the gym. I think I will stay an hour on the recumbent bike....
I have been able to read a teensy bit in bedside book Birds of a Feather - Jacqueline Winspear this weekend, but not but a few pages each night or in the wee hours when I couldn't sleep due to DH's snoring me out of the room and no spare room to rest my cranium. The couch in the family room is pretty comfy....

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Anonymous said...

Same here! In fact, I think you read more than I!