25 October 2007

Medical Mystery Madness Complete, minus One

Soooooo, below are the books read for the Medical Mystery Challenge. It ends on 1 Nov and I don't think I can read any more before end of this month, so calling it good.
My favorite was Blindsighted and my least just chugged through hoping it got better and didn't was The Halo Effect.
I found some FAB new to me authors and had a great time with these medical thrillers.

Beverly Connor - One Grave Too Many (My first of the challenge and TOTALLY GREAT!!)

Karin Slaughter - Blindsighted (#2 of the challenges and a HUMDINGAH!!!)

Jefferson Bass - Carved in Bone (#3 of the challenges WOW!!!! )

Roberta Isleib - Deadly Advice (#4 for the challenge, very intriguing)

M J Rose - The Halo Effect (#5 for this challenge-phhht, no more of this author)

Keith Ablow - Denial ( #6 in the challenge and WOWOWOWOW)

Beverly Connor - Rumor of Bones (#7 in challenge and beginning of another wonderful series from Beverly!)

Tess Gerritsen - Harvest (#8, another humdingah from Tess)
Tim Downs - Shoo-Fly Pie: A Bugman Novel (#9 and pretty damn good)
Ted Dekker - Black (Never did pick this one up.....)


Mo said...

Bummer! I'm saddened to see that you didn't enjoy MJ Rose; seems you and I have similiar tastes in reading (I, too, am a fan of C.Harris, K. Slaughter, T.Gerritsen, etc.) and I have two Rose titles on my wishlist (The Halo Effect & The Reincarnationist) as an author I am looking forward to trying!

Never heard of Beverly Connor or Jefferson Bass...I'll have to give them a look.

Anonymous said...

M J Rose - The Halo Effect (#5 for this challenge - phhht, no more of this author)

LOLOLOL - Not a fan either.

Vickie said...

Mo: I don't know what it was about The Halo Effect. It started with a good premise, but I found out almost immediately whodunnit and I didn't like some of the selfish smugness of the main character. Life is too short for ehhhhh or phhhhht books.
I really like Jefferson Bass. A writing team of the guy who developed The Body Farm and another who is a good author. Together it works well. I really like Beverly Connor's two series. At least the first of each I have read.

J Kaye: Short and succinct are my reviews... = )