23 October 2007

Looking Forward to a Short Week

I put in for Thursday and Friday of this week and Monday of next week off from work. I do hope it gets approved. I can't see why it wouldn't. I am not particularly occupied right now and my parents are coming to town.
These are my folks who have been divorced for damn-near ever and are becoming friends again. My dad moved from Lincoln NE to Ottawa KS last month and my mom is moving out of my sister's house in Chicago to her hometown of Fort Scott KS as of this month. These two events are merely co-ink-ee-deenkle, or are they.....We'll see. At least they are in two different small towns with 80 miles between them. Again, we will see....

On to books, something I can chat about without getting my stomach worked up in knots over. I am on tape 2 of 8, side 2 Bubbles In Trouble - Sarah Strohmeyer in the car. I just love Bubbles and in this one she is going undercover as Amish woman so as to get close to a source for a news story. This is a woman who worships at the counter of Maybelline and Fredericks of Hollywood, if you have never read the series. I cannot wait to see what happens. I haven't read/istened to these in order, so events are happening that I have heard tell of in the future books or intimated in the past.
I began Fire Me Up - Katie MacAlister as purse book. I read for 45 min this morning while on the recumbent bike. Excellent. Just love Katie Mac's humor.
I am about halfway through Shoo-Fly Pie: A Bugman's Novel - Tim Downs. Makes for interesting dreams at times since it is my bedside book.

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