08 October 2007

Multi-Tasking Reading

Nothing like being almost at the end of a really good story, so deciding to stay on the recumbent bike just a leeeetle bit longer to finish. Finished a good story and got in a stellar (for me) time on the bike. Rumor of Bones - Beverly Connor is a first in a pretty snappy series. Dr Lindsey Chamberlain is an anthropologist working on an archaeological dig and it soon becomes a discovery of changes in relationships and a humdinger murder mystery of Gothic-style proportions. I love the science of archaeology and anthropology and you know I love mysteries, so this is perfect book for me. Thank you, Beverly, for writing this series. Off to find the rest. This book was a choice of mine for the Medical Mystery Thriller challenge I joined way back. It was my first challenge and I challenged myself to find the first in a series of new to me authors. I have done well so far but for one.
Larry J Hillhouse, if you're out there, I am about to begin the book you recommended, Deep in the Woods: The Beginning - You commented on my blog after seeing that I was reading In Over Your Head and asked if I was enjoying it. I was and you suggested this one I am about to begin. It fits perfectly in my purse, so it once again meets a criteria I have for some of what I read.

I began Harvest - Tess Gerritsen in the car last night on the way home from work. It's starting out humdingah like her others I have enjoyed.

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