15 October 2007

Slow Reading Time Now

Still in mourning for the loss of what I thought was going be a banner month of reading time. I was pulled from shift work on Friday, just when it was going to lighten up task wise. sigh....
Now working Mon-Fri, but at least I can come in early and leave early. Get some time at the foo-foo coffee shop maybe and read my purse book choice, currently Deep in the Woods: The Beginning Larry J Hillhouse. I also worked it out with DH that I can come in early, go to the gym and continue the process of getting the floof off of my bod. That can mean time on the recumbent bike which means more reading time.
I finished another Creepfest 2007 challenge book, Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire - Michele Bardsley last night. I began Stephanie Bond - Whole Lotta Trouble after sifting and discarding other choices. Some actually made it to the trade stacks as they didn't grab me immediately and I have so freakin' many on Mt Git'r'Read.
I am already diggin' the women in Whole Lotta Trouble. Be good to see them get together and get one over on the pewp-cranium guy they have in common. I started the book last night and read quite a bit before sleeping and then woke at 2am and wasn't quite ready to get up early for work, so read some more. This is going to be one I am going to make extra time to read.
I am on tape 4 of 9 side 2 Harvest - Tess Gerritsen in the car. I should finish it this week. Then try Clive Barker - Coldheart Canyon.

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