16 October 2007

Thank Goodness for gym time

Thank goodness for an understanding DH who agrees to let me get up honkin' early, go to the gym, work out and I get in some reading time. Though I do need better planning as I finished my book a few minutes before the time programmed on the bike. So, I went back and re-read some bits I'd skimmed before in Deep in the Woods: The Beginning - Larry J Hillhouse. I started this one on the recommendation of the author and I thought it was a nice coming of age story of a young girl transplanted to the Appalachia mountains. Then it turned to a ghost a ghost story...a sci-fi story of Twilight Zone proportions. I heard Rod Serling's voice narrating in my cranium. A very cool effect, I might add.
No idea what I will read next, I left my book bag in the car. And I may not choose any of those anyway. I have three boxes of varying sizes, full of books, from Our Lady of the Books, Book Temptress, Pamala of the Chicago 'Burbs that I need to go through. Rosamunde Pilcher books are in one box, thrillers in another and cozies in the third.
Tape 6 of 9, side 1 Harvest - Tess Gerittsen in the car and a few more pages read in bedside book Whole Lotta Trouble - Stephanie Bond. The thing about getting up honkin' early to go to the gym and get to work early is the sleepiness factor hitting a little earlier in the evening. I just barely kept my eyes open long enough to watch Sprout channel shows with Lady K. She kept nudging me awake to watch Bearenstein Bears' antics.....sigh....I'll get better at 6 hours of sleep on a daily basis...I hope....

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