07 October 2007

Finally Finished...

I was glad to finish Wicked Women Whodunit - MaryJanice Davidson, Amy Garvey, Nancy J Cohen, and Jennifer Apodaca. I was not overly fond of most of the anthology. The sex of the wicked women outdid the mystery of the whodunit in most of the stories. This is not to intimate I am a prude, far from it. Just would have liked more mystery along with the hottie well-written sex. I always enjoy MaryJanice Davidson and her story was a good 'un. Amy Garvey's was my favorite of the four and Jennifer Apodaca's was my least favorite. I admit I got to the point of skimming at the end just to finish. I really don't like skimming.

I started Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire - Michele Bardsley as next bedside book. I have been looking forward to this sequel of I'm the Vampire, That's Why. I had a lot of fun reading that one and this sequel of sorts looks to be just as fun.

I am very much close to finishing Stonehenge - Bernard Cornwell in the car. It had some nose-wrinkling moments and I think I am enjoying the historical back story better than the actual book. I am pretty sure I would have sucked as Bronze Age chick. I will begin Harvest - Tess Gerritsen as next car book. Seems perfect, if in name only, for October.....

I hope to finish my purse book Grave Surprise - Charlaine Harris today. I am qualifying it as a contender for two of my challenges, Creepfest on WW Booktalk and for Joy's Seconds Challenge. Actually, Don't Talk Back to Your Vampire will qualify for both as well.

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