28 April 2007

Saturday Night and I Ain't Got lalalalalala....

April is quickly getting away from me and it has been diddley for reading according to my book journal. I'll post that on 1 May...ish.
I did manage to finish one more when I finished What the Dead Know Laura Lippman, BOCD, the other day. I had the characters figured out, but that didn't keep me from totally enjoying the listen. I looked forward to driving in the car, even if it was getting to work, just so I could listen some more. I have No Good Deeds, By a Spider's Thread, and To the Power of Three on my wishlist on RecordedBooks.
I tried listening to Just a Corpse at Midnight Janwillem Van De Wettering as a follow up audiobook, but could not get into it and life is too short. So decided on Vineyard Prey Philip R Craig. I am on tape 1 of 4, side 2 and likely won't get back to it until I go back to work on Monday.
I am almost looking forward to getting back to my routine. This four day break has tired my aithe out. Spent Thursday getting the rooms ready for painting on Friday and Saturday and now we have to put everything back and DH plans on doing the faucets in the master sinks tomorrow. That means I have to clear underneath said sinks so that he can get to the fittings.
I will get up in the morning, DH sleeping in to stay rested for his NFL Draft weekend and I will clear under the sinks. After I make my coffee. I have good priorities. I really don't plan on doing much besides getting laundry put away and clearing under the sinks tomorrow. And taking Lady K to the park. With a book for me. I am reading The Laughing Corpse Laurell K Hamilton as the purse book still. I doubt it will make the April log. Be the first entry in May.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki. I love MJ Rose's work. I just returned In Fidelity to the library. I've read The Halo Effect and Sheet Music. All three books are good.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Keith Ablow's work is terrific. His protagonist is so flawed but I can't help but like him.