15 April 2007

And....another one finished!!

I just now finished Dead Beat Jim Butcher, while sweating (I so do not 'glow' as a delicate flower should) on the recumbent bike at 4:00am-ish. I will now begin Last of the Red Hot Vampires Katie MacAlister. Something lighter than what the last few have been. Hot guy on the cover, too. That won't suck. And you don't even have to pardon the pun.
I found some goodies inside the front cover of LRHV, too. A signed by the author bookplate and some other items that are escaping my blonde memory.

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Anonymous said... changed your template. Looks good.

I'm glad you liked Jim Butcher's book. I like all of them in the Harry Dresden series. I haven't tried any of his other work.

I read Carolly Erickson's The Last Wife of Henry VIII last night. It was good. Erickson, along with Sharon Kay Penman and Helen Hollick are my favorite British historical fiction writers.