02 April 2007

Cruisin' Right Along

I am so glad to find the time to read. I am almost a third of the way through Dead Beat Jim Butcher as purse book. I am going to have to get the first one of the series, Storm Front, and read it soon. I am kind of starting in the middle of the series. I will likely read for a bit before sleep when I get home in bedside book Aunt Dimity and the Duke Nancy Atherton. This is such a sweet 'cozy' series. I am on tape 4 of 5, side 2 We're Just Like You, Only Prettier: Confessions of a Tarnished Southern Belle Celia Rivenbark. I emailed her the other day, thanking her for making me snort laugh on the way in to work that morning. She emailed me back almost immediately. Very cool! Love her website

Time to pack up and wander my aith home to bed and book.

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