14 April 2007

Finished one...

I just now finished Hidden Prey John Sandford in the car on the way in to work tonight. It was a realistic ending in that there were loosed ends that would likely never get resolved and that is just the way it is in the 'real world'. Not always happy with everything tied up prettily in a nice bow. Sometimes I need that, this time I was happy with the ending.
I believe I will start Laura Lippman What the Dead Know at the recommendation from one of my favorite authors, Sarah Stewart Taylor off of her blog site. I have one or two of Laura Lippman's books on Mt Git'r'Read, but haven't actually read one. This one is narrated by Linda Emond.
I think tonight might another book finished too. My purse book is nearing the end and it will hopefully be a quiet night so I can read and maybe add one more the book journal for the month. I have less than a hundred pages in both purse book Dead Beat Jim Butcher and bedside book Reunion in Death JD Robb.

And, hey, here's a good place to shop for books, Author Author is a shop in ColoradoSprings and does a great mail order. I placed my order yesterday and it freakin' arrived TODAY! I received Katie MacAlister The Last of the Red Hot Vampires, Even Vampires Get the Blues and a used copy of Ghost Hunter Jayne Castle, which is a pen name for Jayne Ann Krantz.

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