24 April 2007

It's Raining It's Pouring....

It's been raining here since midnight last night. It's a nice steady rain, but it's also coooooold rain. The temp keeps dropping and NOAA is saying raining turning to snow possible tonight. Gotta say, though, it makes for excellent reading in bed. I finished Acts of Violets Kate Collins as my bedside book. This is a pretty good series with a new to me premise for the amateur sleuth. She owns a flower shop called Bloomers. Love that name. This is the second of the series I've read and not necessarily in order. Not sure that it's necessary.
Think I will go paranormal next with Bump in the Night various authors.

I am on CD8 of 9 What the Dead Know Laura Lippman in the car. Just a completely engrossing character study. I can't get over how much I look forward to getting in the car alone so that I can listen to more of these people's lives.

I can only hope to get some reading in my purse book at some point. I still have three to choose from. I actually read a page in The Laughing Corpse Laurell K Hamilton. I was waiting for glorious caffeine fix from DazBog coffee shop. Must have my Turtle foo-foo coffee from time to time. Nectah of da gods.....

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