08 April 2007

Happy Easter Sunday

So what did the Easter Bunny (EB) bring to you this morning? I was hoping for books, but received a bag of Ritazza's Jamaican coffee. That'll work too. It's brewing as I type.
As the Mommie, I am on Easter Bunny duty this morning. I was entrusted by EB to get up honkin' early and put out the Hello Kitty basket he likes to use each year, filled with a bear in a bunny suit from the Post Office, purple bunny ears, three DVDs (Max and Ruby Easter, recently released Charlotte's Web, and Vol 5 of NickJr Favorites), two shirts, one dress, Lindt chocolate bunny and a teenytiny bucket of Japanese Hello Kitty brand chocolate covered pretzel sticks. Also found a couple of additions to the Cars character collection we have going, Buzz Lightyear as a car and Woody the Cowboy as a car. I have started a sort of Pez dispenser collection for Lady K, too. She now has an Easter chick in the basket. Next to the basket is a Dora the Explorer ball and bat kit and plate with a thank you note from EB for the snack of lettuce leaves we left last night.

We decorated eggs yesterday afternoon. Kept the dye damage fairly well under control. Gave up on the little wire holders pretty soon and ended up using the fingers for the most part. If the weather holds, we'll hide them in the yard. It sort of snowed last night and not sure how warm it's going to get today. I did fill three Hello Kitty eggs with some $$ of various degrees and they are hidden in plain sight in the family room.

I hope JB is feeling better today. His stomach has been acting funky the last few days. He's been able to do stuff like go to work and drive down to Sedalia yesterday. He eats okay, just not as much. He's been testing out beer and wine as well. He was off work for a day on Thursday. Laying (lying?) in bed all day and night. Thankfully, he doesn't get sick as often once he had his tonsils out and his deviated septum fixed. He is not a fun sick person.

My dad is here. He wasn't sure he'd be up to going to the usual places for the holiday. Too many reminders of his wife's passing in late November. So he asked if he could come out. Absolutely. Lady K loves him to pieces and he is the best guest and nicest Dad in the world.
We will have standing ribeye roast off the grill, asparagus, and mashed Yukon Gold potatoes for dinner. Likely eat fairly early and have a mellow day. Dad will go back to Nebraska tomorrow and JB and I both have to go to work. I am not on shift until Tuesday, but have to go in for a mandatory meeting tomorrow. At least I get paid, but now will be working seven days in a row and that makes for a looong week, especially when some of those days are 10 hours long.

Lady K is up. She at least waited until 0530 before seeing what EB brought. = ) Glad I am an early bird....

And, hey, this is theoretically a Daily Read kind of blog, so...
I haven't been able to read too much in the last couple of days what with having company and Easter prep and all. I am on tape 4 of 10, side 2 Hidden Prey John Sandford in the car, several chapters into Reunion in Death JD Robb as bedside book, and a little over halfway through Dead Beat Jim Butcher as my purse book. I won't get back the car book or the purse book until tomorrow as the work week begins again. sigh.....

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