19 April 2007

Gettin' Some Readin' Done

Heck of a four day break. Back to work tomorrow and maybe some more reading in. I definitely get in more time with What the Dead Know Laura Lippman BOCD in the car. On CD3 of that one. It is way more than just a mystery. There is a ton of back story to go through and it irritated me at first, but this is my first Lippman book, so I endeavored. Besides the fact that Sarah Stewart Taylor recommended it on her blog and I luh-huv her books. I am glad I stuck with the story as it is getting intriguing.
I was able to get in a crapload (technical term) of reading yesterday while DH had his procedure done at the hospital. DH came through the procedure just fine and I am about halfway through purse book Last of the Red Hot Vampires Katie MacAlister. Very much EF-EWE-EHN FUN. Katie had me at Red Hot Vampire.....
And a lot of reading in bedside book Acts of Violets Kate Collins due to my 4 year old coming in with requests a couple of times before midnight. Then once I got her settled for the last time, I couldn't go back to sleep right away (mom aggravation), so I read a couple of chapters. It's a nice cozy, a bit funny and I love the concept of the amateur detective owns a flower shop and loves it. She's having a fling with the owner of the bar a couple of doors down. He is, of course, a hottie. She is a bit insecure and, though I can identify with her, it is still a bit irritating. Letting it flow over me and going for the rest of the story. I love her best friend and roomate, Nikki. Could get a crush on Marco, the hottie hunky bar owner-slash-PI.


Anonymous said...


Have you ever read anything by Karen Marie Moning? I checked "Darkfever" out from the library and loved it. It is sort of along the lines of LKH's Merri Gentry series, i.e. faeries, etc.

Vickie said...

Thanks Alita, I'll look her up. Hard to beat Laurell K, though. = )

twiga92 said...

Thanks for joining the Medical Mystery Madness challenge! Have fun picking the books! I noticed you put first in series. Have you read the Patricia Cornwell series? I didn't read the whole series, but there were several good ones of those. I've been reading Leonard Goldberg's series on forensic pathologist Joanna Blalock and those have been pretty good. Enjoy!

Joy said...'ve changed your look! Very pretty. :) I plan on changing mine during the summer, probably near my blog anniversary.

I look forward to seeing your list for the Mystery Madness Challenge.

Happy Reading!

Vickie said...

twiga92: First of all, thankin' you for having this challenge. It made me really look out there for some new to me authors and I believe I have found them.

I have read Patricia Cornwell before. I liked her in the beginning, but now I think she is either going through the motions or she's run out of ideas.

I will be looking up Leonard Goldberg!