09 April 2007

Back to Work...and Back to Books

Even though it means going to work an extra day...making for a seven day work week and most of those are 10 hour days for the schedule....I silver-lininged it as I was able to get back to Hidden Prey John Sandford on the way in. Got up extra early like a regular day shift to get my dad up and on the road back to Nebraska. I made my fat butt (and the rest of my fluffy self) get down to the building's gym and work out for an hour. Feel better for it, even a little smug. Watched some Buffy the Vampire Slayer and listened to tunes.
It was excellent having my dad here this weekend. He actually stayed longer than normal this time. He loves Lady K to pieces and he sure can make her toe the line. We watched a lot of movies and ate good food in moderate amounts. It was cold and snowy or cold and rainy, so we didn't get to get out and walk like I'd wanted. Next time.
So now I am on tape 4 of 10, side 2 Hidden Prey John Sandford in the car. It is a good story, but I remembered how tired I was getting of the series a while back. Life is too short and all that schtuff...but I will finish this one and move on.
I read for a chapter last night in bedside book Reunion in Death JD Robb. That is a series that I never tire of. Or at least, not yet. I love the relationships as much as I enjoy the puzzles they solve and the sci-fi of it all.
I hope to get in some reading in my purse book Dead Beat Jim Butcher. I am really enjoying this one, too.

Off to a meeting. Must get one more mug'o'foo-foo coffee and then lotsa water.


acr2angel said...

I like JD Robb's books also. Roark is one of my favorite male characters.

Glad you had a good visit with your Dad.

It actually snowed here on Friday (well, just flurries). It was quite a shock since earlier in the week it had been in the 80's!

Oh yes, check out Rob Thurman on Barnes & Nobles sight. She (Robyn) has a two book series out about brothers, one of which is only half human. Good books.

Vickie said...

Alita: I've added Nightlife and Moonshine by the author to my shopping cart/shopping list per your recommendation. I wish I could win the lottery and I could buy books and read all the time, while my personal trainer would be assisting me in getting this floof off my bod....
= )