11 April 2007

Would Just Love to Win the Lottery.....

Would just love to win the lottery and indulge my love of book buying and reading. I would, of course, have to have a room filled with bookshelves for all of my books. Have a super comfy chair and good lamp. I would read before and after my workout sessions with my personal trainer, let's call him Sven, who would come get me and make me get on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, balance ball, etc and lift weights and work this fluff off my bawd. Not too much to ask is it????

I am moving right along in Hidden Prey John Sandford in the car. I am on tape 6 of 10, side 2. It ebbs and flows in being interesting or not so much. I will finish it as I have been in a tendency of late to get impatient with a book that is not really too intriguing and move on. The book hasn't pissed me off yet, with character/s or plot or inane dialogue, so I will keep going. It just isn't as good as his earlier ....... Prey series. Richard Ferrone as the narrator is a big plus in finishing the book, too. What a great way to drive to and from work in the dark with his gravelly voice telling me a story.

I still haven't had the time to get back to Mr Dresden and company in my purse book Dead Beat Jim Butcher. That one I am totally diggin' and want to find the time to read.

Spent some time with Eve and Roarke (Reunion in Death) last night just before sleep hit. Made for nice and interesting dreams, gotta tell ya. I think I am on chapter 7 or 8 now.

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acr2angel said...

Not only do I agree on the personal trainer should winning the lottery occur, I also want a chef.