03 March 2009

Who Was This Dewy Eyed Girl 27 Years Ago???

3 Mar 1982, twenty-seven years ago, I embarked on my Air Force career...stepping off the plane in San Antonio, Texas in the early AM ...people in uniform yelling at me, "Pick 'em up! Put 'em DOWN!"
I just looked at them....."Do your worst. I am Air Force born and bred. I am the daughter of SMSgt Jack Winship and Kathy Winship. I double dawg dare ya!"


Literary Feline said...

What an experience that must have been! I am a Marine Corps brat and will always hold a special place in my heart for those who serve our country.

Mary said...

Vickie, I love this pic. Thanks for sharing!

Vickie said...

Wendy: Here's to brats!! I love all of our service folks. I'm still Air Force in my heart...retired or not. = )

Mary: Thank you. I can't believe I was ever that young..... = )

Joy said...

This is very cool, Vickie. Very cool. :)

Vickie said...

Joy: = )