16 March 2009

What Are You Reading Mondays

JKaye has a new fun weekly event starting today....
What I am reading right this minute is:

BOCD in the car: GREYWALKER - Kat Richardson,CD 2 of 8 or 9, super listen

Purse book: GHOST ROAD BLUES - Jonathan Maberry, about 70 pages out from finishing...this is the book that won't end it feels like. It's superb, but HUGE!

Bedside book: INTERPRETATION OF MURDER - Jed Rubenfeld, another book that is good, but like quicksand to read...can't seem to make any progress

Last week I finished THE MAGIC THIEF - Sarah Prineas, absolutely superb book and made our commute that much nicer. And a little earlier in the week I finished the highly diggable ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE - Jeaniene Frost


Mary said...

Is a book that won't end like one of those Cheesecake Factory bottomless salads??? ; )

Vickie said...

Mary: Something like that, only not as pleasurable. Both are good books, but I am getting tired and ready to move on. Which would not be the case with that bottomless salad. = )

J. Kaye said...

GREYWALKER is the first book of the series, right? If so, it was the only one I have read so far. And I agree, it's an awesome read. I'd like to catch up on the series, but don't think I will have time this year. Next year I've promised myself to do that - catch up on all the series I'm behind in.