06 March 2009

BLOODSTREAM - Tess Gerritsen, BOT

There is something not right in Tranquility, Maine. Dr Claire Elliot and her son have moved to this small town to start over after the death of Claire's husband and the trouble that her son, Noah, has been getting into in their old city of Baltimore. But not all is as it should be in the town. Patients are slow to come to see Dr Claire, Noah is getting into trouble, through not much fault of his own, in school. Violent fights, vandalism, and murder have attacked this town, mostly in the school.
What is causing this outbreak? There's talk of Satanism, witches, cursed lakefront property... Claire is at a loss what to do, but she knows she has to find the answer, especially as it looks like her son may be affected.
DH wasn't crazy about this one on our work commute the last couple of weeks, but I liked it. I have read Gerritsen before (and liked her), I know that her books are full of characters that you empathize with, completely hate with a vengeance, there aren't many in between characters. I can feel myself wanting to reach inside the tape player and hit some of the characters. I have to console myself that the crapweasels will get theirs in the end.

Four what-the-hell-is-in-the-water beans......


Literary Feline said...

I've enjoyed the two Tess Gerritsen books I have read so far. Harvest was my favorite of the two, I think. I haven't yet read this one. I am glad you enjoyed it, Vickie.

Vickie said...

Wendy: I really liked HARVEST, too. It was an amazing listen. This is my third or fourth Gerritsen. My first was the one in the space station and remains my favorite.