15 November 2008


HOT DAY-UM! I swear, this series just gets more amazing with each volume.
There's a new vampire in town and he's an even bigger evil badass than all the others combined. Mr. Bishop's also the father of Amelia, the Founder of Morganville, so you know he's honkin' ancient and powerful.
All in town are to swear fealty to the sinister old guy in town and there's still the cure for the taint that is causing the old vampires to go mad after so many years. It's caused Amelia to put a stop to making new vampires until the cure is found. It's what's helped keep the balance (as much balance as can be in the town of Morganville), so what is going to happen to the status quo if the cure is found.
Then there's the relationships of the four in the Glass house. Claire and Shane are still in teen love. Shane being a gentleman, and Claire being 16, has put a halt to anything further than some heavy smooching. Claire is really wishing Shane wasn't so much the gentleman....but respects him for the person he is....just wishing 17th birthday would hurry up and get here.
Eve and Michael are massively enamoured and are old enough to act on it. Shane is coming to grips with Michael being a vampire now instead of the ghost of the house.
OH, and there's the arrival of another set of parents....Claire's mom and dad move to town!
Claire is hard pressed to decide which of all of the above is the most mind-numbingly stressful.

I will read anything Rachel Caine writes! She left me hangin' at the end of FEAST OF FOOLS and I didn't even get mad. I just want her to write faster!!!

Five smokin' hot beans!!

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