01 November 2008


Can I get a YOWZAH??!! Holy Schmokes this was a good 'un! I so cannot wait for the next in the series. Seriously tough action, excellently hot characters...and the sex scenes...whooftah!

Catherine 'Cat' Crawfield is a half breed, half human, half vampire. Her mother was raped and bitten by a vampire and Cat is the result of that union. Her mother hates all vampires and Cat has been on a mission to kill all vampires....until she meets Bones. He is about to become dust, but strikes a bargain and becomes her trainer and partner in the killing of bad killer vampires, in exchange for helping Cat find the man who is her father so she can kill him for her mother.
And did I mention the sex??!! Hot-cha-cha!!!
Bones and Cat...what a match!

Four holey schmokes beans....

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