25 November 2008


Not a great cozy mystery, but a decently fun one. I liked the premise that the main character, David, is an investigator for the public defender in Mesa Grande, Colorado, but it's his mother who does quite a bit of the thinking about the cases he is involved in. David is smart, but his mom has more living under her belt, so has more street-Mom smarts.
The current case involves the son of a couple, the Meyers, who live in a house down the street of one Reverend Charles "Call Me Chuck" Candy. Reverend Candy has begun a campaign of Christmas with lights, loud holiday music to go with the decorations he has put up. To go with this, the crowds have begun driving by, honking, idling, leaving their trash in the yard of the Meyers. They have asked that the sound be turned off early enough for some kind of sleep, but Rev Chuck keeps it up until 1AM on the dot every night. The Meyers' son, Roger, is now accused of attacking the good Rev Chuck when he went to his house to plead his parents' case.
Then the Reverend Candy ends up dead on his living room floor and once again Roger is accused.

David goes to his mother's house pretty much every day for dinner and fills her in on each day's discoveries. She mulls over the information along with her other observations from various sources and helps David along with his investigation. David is doing the legwork and getting hit on the head from time to time and his mother helps along from her armchair. Very neat premise.
Crime is solved, the good guy goes free, the bad guy is caught. Not sure I will read more of this series, hard to find anyway. It was good for the A-Z Challenge.

Three twisty holiday beans....

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