22 November 2008

BLACK WIDOW - Randy Wayne White

This was my second audiobook in this series by Randy Wayne White and it was just as good as the first I listened to also the first in the series. BLACK WIDOW is #15 in the Doc Ford series. This is usually when a series author would rest on his or her laurels, but Mr White ab-so-tively did not do any resting here.
Doc Ford is tasked to find the blackmailers who are after his niece, Shay. Someone filmed his niece and her girlfriends on the Caribbean island they were visiting for her bachelorette party that went a little wild. The blackmailers now want big money or they will tell all and it won't be pretty. Shay is set to marry big money and this definitely won't go over well.
Doc Ford goes to the island and finds the blackmailers and more.
A definite good listen or read.
Four voodoo beans....


Joy said...

I love the bean descriptions! :)

Vickie said...

Joy: Thanks! I have fun with them.