05 November 2008

BLUEGATE FIELDS - Anne Perry, BOT, narr Davina Porter

I like Anne Perry at times, enough to listen to or read from time to time. Not in a hurry to listen or read another in the near future. I put this one on my wishlist because one of my favorite narrators, Davina Porter, was the voice for the characters. I adore her work and I like Anne Perry, so I gave it a try.
Anne Perry does great work portraying the ways and means of Victorian times. Or at least as I would imagine they would be. Stuffy on the outside and teeming with intrigue on the inside.
Inspector Thomas Pitt is given the case of finding the killer of a young man found naked and dead in the sewers of Bluegate Fields. What was the body of a young man of what looked like good means doing in a place of such squalor and poverty?
Pitt's investigation is hampered by both his superiors and the closed mouth, protective attitude of the upper class families he questions. His wife, Charlotte, takes up the banner and makes her way into society with her well married sister to ask questions of her own.

I think it will be a littel while again before listening or reading Anne Perry again. I will do so, it just takes a while before I can make myself read and/or listen to the tales of that time. It is aggravating, irritating, frustrating for me as I hear how things are handled or mishandled, withheld or grudgingly let go all because of the society of the time.
Three frustrating beans....


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