22 November 2008


TWO PLAYS FOR VOICES confirms my belief that Neil Gaiman is one of the best authors ever. I don't care what he takes on, he freakily shines.
Neil wrote this for SciFi Channel and Seeing Ear Theatre. The two stories are also in SMOKE AND MIRRORS (which I am on my way to add to Mt Git'r'Read).
SNOW GLASS APPLES, primarily narrated by Bebe Neuwirth, is the first story and is a fascinating telling of the fairy tale Snow White. There is the Queen, Snow White, some dwarves in the woods...except the Queen is misunderstood and nice and Snow White has an unnatural taste for blood.
MURDER MYSTERY, primarily narrated by Brian Dennehy, is set in heaven before anything we know has been created. In fact, angels are working on creating everything. The Angel of Vengeance, Raguel, has the prime mandate to find the first murderer.
Four noir beans....

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